About Rainbow Ribbons

A Colourful Memory

To take part, simply enter the name of the person you wish to commemorate on the dedication page.

We will display the ribbon on your behalf and your Rainbow Ribbons will remain on display throughout the summer months bringing brightness and colour for everyone.

Rainbow Ribbons On Tree

Your donation can help fellow local people like Maggie and Ian in the North Derbyshire region who have a tough road to travel.

Ashgate Hospicecare are committed to making their lives as happy and comfortable as we can, because every moment matters, and one day someone you love may need our support.

Your donation helps...

£49 could pay for a Hospice at Home visit for 2 hours.

Your dedication your colour...


Info: Please enter the name of the person you'd like to dedicate your ribbon to.


Info: Please enter the colour you'd like your ribbon to be.